Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Beginning To Lose Faith In Google

It's now been 6 months+ since Google launched their 'plus' social thang and there's still no way to post to it from other services, aka API write access. With twitter and facebook there are hundreds of tools that can cross post automatically. To. From. Any which way you want. But, oh no, not Google. Either write direct to your plus stream or don't post at all.

Now don't get me wrong I really like the look of Google plus but the fact I can use any number of tools - currently using - to post my Blogger posts to Twitter and Facebook automatically. Nothing required. Post to Blogger. Wham, there they are on T & F. To get them onto Google requires extra steps. At the moment I am making the effort to get those posts across to G+ but since the 'Blogger Share' route doesn't work on all my devices I'm getting seriously bored of having to go the extra mile just for G+. After all, most of my social interactions are on Facebook anyway, so what's the point? I'd like G+ to survive but until they realise they are only a legend in their own minds and not ours I think G+ is destined to go the way of Wave and many of there other experiments. They're aren't god of the internet and they need to realise that...

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