Wednesday, 1 September 2010

The Dawning Of A New Tablet Age

Is it really happening? Are we facing a wave of Android Tablets. Proper tablets. Not the under powered, out of date units currently available but real, proper tablets - like the iPad only better.

Why has it taken so long? Heaven only knows. Is it all true? Only time will tell. The IFA Trade Show should reveal some if not all. OK, lets not get ahead of the game, it'll reveal some. But when the show is over how much will be hot air? How much pure vapour? At least we have the big players finally starting show signs of life - LG, Samsung, Acer, Asus - and then of course, there's the mavericks - Notion Ink, Viewsonic. There's almost going to be too much choice, right? Who am I kidding?

I have to say my current favourite is the Notion Ink Adam with its pixelQ screen - but then am I really going to be wandering the streets with it - probably not. Mind you, might be nice to use out on the patio with a mug of black coffee watching the clouds roll away...

Do I need a more powerful Tegra 2 based device or do I stick with the lesser Arm. What do I want to use it for? Is it an all singing netbook replacement? Will it mainly be browsing and reading? Will I watch much video? Flash? But of course - else I'd already be using the iPad. Before I commit the cash I need to sort out what I want it for.

Right now Archos' new 101, a ten incher - ooh er misses - looks nice. I could browse and read with that and only splash $300 (that's £235 in proper money). A nice proposition.

For now I guess it's a game of wait and see, read the reviews when these devices finally do hit the street - and here in blighty that'll no doubt be the late Spring with its new increased VAT rate.

Me? I'm counting the days (and hoping it's not years)...