Friday, 16 April 2010

More on Lucid

Well I've been running Ubuntu 10.4 - aka Lucid - for a number of weeks now. I've upgrade a few times and I'm now up to beta 2. First, I have to say that it continues to impress. Booting quickly but perhaps lacking the 'clean lines' I'm expecting with all the talk of the Plymouth Brethren and it's graphical boot. Still, it does boot quick so I'm not overly bothered.

Everything still seems to be working well. I've moved across to the Google Chrome variant of the browser from Chromium on account of it including Adobe's Flash built in and a later version (10.1) than that which comes with Lucid.

Surfing - my primary use for the netbook - is sharp. Quick to load pages and video is continuing to be lag free - well, most of the time, and certainly more lag free than any of the rest of the OSes I've run on the Acer One. I should say I haven't actually run XP on this thing but can't see it being quicker.

Signing off, and continuing to be suitably impressed with Ubuntu Lucid. Keep up the good work...