Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Is it me or is this not rocket science?

So I hear that Windows 7 will be available in only three versions. Yes, just three as opposed to Vista's nineteen, nu nu nu nu nineteen. Well, then of course there is the Basic and Starter editions - but they're only available in the third world so they, like the entire third world in the eyes of the developed world, don't count.

Well, here's the rocket science bit - why not just sell a product called Windows 7 that exists as, well, just Windows 7 the operating system. Now, I'm not a proponent of Apple, in fact I distinctly dislike their protectionist stance on only providing an operating system for their 'special', twice the price hardware, but when it comes to the operating system they get it right. It's OS-X and that's what you buy. There are no basic, advanced, super-dooper, ultimate-fantastic editions. No, with Apple you just get the operating system and that's that.

So come on Billy boy. Why not just produce Windows 7? Pure and simple, Windows 7, with all the bits thrown in. No special. No Ultimate. No Super-Dooper. Just Windows 7. Set a fair price and then you'll sell billions. As it is, I'll be sticking with XP and Linux. XP works acceptably and so does Linux for that matter. And while we're at it, come on Apple, free up your OS for use on standard PC hardware and I'd be handing over my cash in a snap.