Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Looks Like Google Drive Is A Bit Shit After All...

Thank goodness for Evernote. It can cope with a dozen pages where Google Drive nee Docs can't cut the mustard.

I was busy collating some info from website for reference. A page from here. A page from there and wham, 'trying to contact'. Oh no, I thought, my internet's gone down. Not so. Learning from experience I quickly selected all and copied to the clip board. A re-fresh of Drive and I re-loaded the now empty document. No problem. Paste. 'Trying....' - yeah not very hard by the looks of it. Anyway, I tried two more times but Google Drive nee Docs was not having any of it. Cue Evernote to step up to the plate and it handled the paste without hesitation. OK, I lost a bit of formatting but at least it has the balls for it.

I often rave about Google but not being able to handle a not too large file is bad, really bad. I've only ever used it for two or three page documents. It should be able to handle a bit of cut and paste without issue but it can't. There's no way it can take on Microsoft as it is - and I thought it could, I really did. Most annoying as I've moved quite a lot of my stuff across but I can't face using one service for everything bar a few bits it can't cope with. That's shit. I want one service to rule them all. Google Drive - Epic Fail. Bless Evernote and all who sail in her...

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Fair Play To TalkTalk

After having whinged about TalkTalk's poor contention ratios and low bandwidth at peak time things have improved remarkably. Well done to them. They monitored my tweet and shortly after my peak time bandwidth improved massively. It's now close to off peak rates. Have to say it was unexpected but very welcome. Streaming movies are back on the menu. Thumbs up to TalkTalk. Credit where credits due.