Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Joli-well Failed

I've been really pleased how responsive Jolicloud has been on my Acer AspireOne but the last month has been FAIL. I upgraded to version 1.1 without issue but a month or so ago I released I'd had no updates. Normally ever week or so there would be the odd small update but for over a month, nothing, nada, zip.

So I decided to click the 'update' button manually and there in lines the problem - or part of it. None of the top bar icons did anything except pop up the 'Waiting for' message in the bottom left corner and then nothing would work. Doing a refresh - pressing F5 - would get me the apps back operational but each time I clicked on any of the top icons - including the 'shutdown' icon - up would come the 'waiting...' where up on the only option to recover would be an F5 refresh.

The browsing works OK and the speed is probably as good as it ever was but it is annoying that I can't keep the thing up to date. I'm sure there have been updates. Using apt-get shows no updates either. Can't believe there's been no updates. So in an attempt to cure I am re-installing. Fingers crossed...

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