Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Android Tablet Pricing - Are They Mental?

Blimey, I've just seen some early rss, blog and news feeds suggesting the prices for some upcoming Android Tablets from the likes of HTC and Motorola. Are they stark raving mad? Who the balls will pay 600 notes for an Android Tablet? Oh my god, a tablet is meant to be an easy to use device you use to read the news, read a book, go on your social networks... It won't replace a laptop or desktop, become your main machine. Unbelievable. Think what 600 notes get you as a laptop? They need to be low(ish) cost. A quick bit of browsing, news and move one. With six hundred notes you'd be mad not to get an iPad and go out partying with the change. I can't believe the big boys are so stupid.

And HTC, what is with 2.4? Why not wait a month and give it Honeycombe? Mental, truly mental. And don't get me started on HP and Web OS - what the hell is the point of that? FAIL...

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