Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Looks Like Ordnance Survey Is On The Microsoft Payroll

It's a shame government bodies opt for the dark side and join the Galactic Empire. Just once I wish they would join the Rebel Alliance. Alas Ordnance Survey have sided with the Sith as their new - and initially very exciting looking - Getamap online service relies on the niche MS Silverlight plugin. A low cost subscription based service that allows you plan routes and print them, including itinerary etc.

What's wrong with open web standards. Hello, HTML5? Have you not heard about it? Silverlight is so last decade. I guess the men at the top are on a finders fee direct from King Bill - nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more. Why else would you close down your product and exclude non-microsoft operating systems....

Sadly, another opportunity missed, and I find it a crying shame. For a few moments I was really excited, it looked a great tool - they even had the cheek to send me an email telling me all about it. As an Ubuntu user I'm basically f*&ked. The token gesture of Moonlight won't cut it.

So it looks like a rename might be in order - 'GetAMap But Only If You're A Microsoft User, The Rest Of You Are Screwed' - guess that's not quite so catchy.

On the brightside I suppose I'll be saving myself the £30 subscription fee - so it's not all bad...

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