Thursday, 6 September 2007

Scrybe - the new online calendar on the block

So Scrybe - the online calendar and notes application. Bottom line, is it any good? Will it be here in a years time? Simply put, yes it is and I'm sure it will.

What is its killer feature. The thing that distinguishes it from the myriad of other online calendars I've tried? That would be the offline facility. It works great with my laptop when I'm on the road - well not quite on the road that would be too dangerous - but when I'm out of range of the internet. You see, you don't have to do a thing to activate the offline function. When you're internetless - is that a word? Probably not. Anyway, just switch your browser offline - for my browser of choice - Firefox - that's accessed from the file menu. Then type in the scrybe url - - and away you go. It knows you're offline and loads the cached version and you can do all the things you can do online - offline. How do you sync it back again? Easy, the next time you're online when you surf to the scrybe url it automatically syncs you're offline changes and bam - there you are - all your appointments and task synced. It really is a great feature.

As to the calendar functions. It has all the normal things you'd expect a calendar to have - Appointment and Tasks. You can set up labels to group appointments into different categories, for example business and personal. As it's still in beta some of the features aren't available such as sharing but I'm sure that won't be too long. For me that's not really something I'm too worried about anyway.

The fluidity of the way the calendar moves from month to day is really intuitive and apart from looking nice it really does allow you to navigate around your calendar easily. Copy and moving appointments from day to day or time slot to time slot is just so easy. Top tip, to make a copy of an appointment hold the ctrl key as you drag it from one day to the next, al-la the standard windows way.

It also has a nice print option. Allowing you to print you weeks appointments onto a single foldable piece of paper - if that's what floats your boat. Personally I won't be using this feature but never the less it's carried out in a nice way.

Scrybe also has the now obligatory 'notes' apps. I haven't looked at it in detail but it the same labelling scheme as the calendar albeit that you have to set up new categories. You can copy and paste from web pages pretty easily with the standard ctrl-c/ctrl-v although you do have to copy into a 'special' box on the notes page but never the less it works OK and copies in the the text and the pictures. It does kind of reformat it but you get all the data through to your note which is the main thing. It stores the notes in chronological order and doesn't look like you can re-order them but I guess their system might work.

Anyway, I haven't been using it too long but from what I've seen so far I rate it above Google's Calendar which is currently my main one. I have to say Google's shared calendar feature is very nice and it's great for sharing events such as your clubs fixture list. And I like having all my online apps from the same supplier, ie Google Mail, Notebook, Calendar and Docs - not that there is really much integration between the apps it just somehow feels nice. Anyway, if the Scrybe team can get their sharing spot on then I may well be swapping.

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