Friday, 28 September 2007

BloggerBackup v1.0.7.16

I've been looking for a utility to painlessly backup my Blogger blogs for a goodly while. All of the previous backup methods I've found to do it have worked - but not in a completely hassle free, so easy even an untrained monkey could do it, way. BloggerBackup takes away the pain - ah, bliss.

When you first run the program you need to tell it about your blog(s). From the 'Available Blogs' drop-down select 'Add/Update/Remove Blogs'. This opens the blog selector screen. Now this gives you two ways to select your blog. The easiest - and the method I chose - is to simply type in you Blogger username and password and it goes away and gets a list of your blogs. The alternative - didn't try this because I didn't need to - is to manually enter the details of your blog. I guess you might use this if don't want to give over your user/password combo. Either way, once that's done you can return to the main screen.
Add/Update/Remove Screen

Now for the actual backup. You need to select how and what you would like backed up. Select the Blog. Select a directory to save to. Select single file or one file per post - I chose one per post. Decide if you want comments backed up as well - didn't expect that - but I'll take it. Finally decide how much to backup. Click 'Backup Posts' and you're done. You'll see a list of the entries on the right and end up with one big file or many small ones depending your selections. I had over 300 posts and selected to get all posts. It backed them up in next to no time - brilliant.

Main Screen

Then next time I ran it I selected the 'Only new posts since' option. What a star. When you select the check box it automatically pulls in the time and date of your last backed up post. Start the backup and it adds only newer posts - simplicity on a plate.

I need never look else where to backup my Blogger Blogs - nice.

I guess the only downside is that it only works with Blogger - but heck, I don't care - I only use Blogger so I'm sorted. If you use Blogger and want to safeguard your blog I highly recommend this one. You can get a copy from

I give this one the Mad Tech Report thumbs up approval rating.

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