Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Archos 101 Froyo Upgrade

I've finally stumped up the cash and got myself an Android tablet. The last few months have seen me edge closer and closer to buying the Satan Device that is the iPad. Fortunately sense prevailed. The lack of Flash is too much to bare.

Instead I opted for the Archos 101. This ain't a review - that might follow shortly - but it's really light weight and it's size makes it easy to use while sat on the sofa watching the TV. It's not quite as responsive as I thought it would be - and then I realised it's not got Flash. Disaster! Although it mentions 'Android 2.2' throughout the product spec' it actually runs 2.1 out of the box - noooooooo! Feeling more than a little cheated I re-read product spec' to see how I was duped. And then it all becomes clear, '2.2 Technology enabled' - ie, it's got the capability to run 2.2 but Archos chose to give set it free before it really should have in its mad rush to market - and that meant 2.1.

Now I'd read that the early version ran 2.1 but I'd also read that the release version in November would run 2.2. As it's now late November I just assumed, I guess. I'm a little disappointed but the device itself is nice to use. Eager for 2.2 I emailed Archos in the Uk and this is the response I got:-

Head Office have advised that this week be available as a firmware update on our website from the end of next week [that's the 5th Dec]

Although a bit garbled - OK, a lot garbled - it does sound like the upgrade will be out by the end of next week. Whether this materialises I have my doubts - I'm a pessimistic bastard these days - but I hope it does because then the device will be a little cracker. If not? Well, I don't want to think about that, but a turkey springs to mind...

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