Sunday, 22 August 2010

If Flash Is So Rubbish

Why do so many websites use it?

Sure, everyone is saying HTML5 this, HTML5 that, HTML5 it's the future but at the end of the day Flash is out there now, running on millions of sites. Mr Jobs says Flash is buggy, subject to attack and going to be replaced by HTML5 so there's no point in putting it on the iPad, iPhone or iPod. That maybe so but that isn't going to happen in a one or two year period so why spoil the web experience on the iPad now. I'm sure over time HTML5 will replace Flash on many sites but Flash is still going to be with us for many years to come. Giving users both Flash ans HTML5 allows developers the time and choice to use which is best for there particular application. No, for me, the only reason to not provide Flash support - and Adobe have even got it ready to rumble on the iPad - is that Apple would lose revenue. I've no problem with the iPad not supporting Flash and limiting the device - it puts it off the menu for me personally, but that's my choice - but I'd like to see the honesty from Apple to come out and give the real reason, 'We don't support Flash so you have to buy the Apps from us'.

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