Friday, 25 December 2009

Kublax Online Money Manager...

It sure is slooowwwwwwww.

My initial evaluation was, hey, great service. It takes all the hassle out of budgeting. Simply set up your budget. Change the designation of any transactions it does automatically set correctly and hey presto your financial budgeting is laid out in front of you to analyse.

On using the service my opinion has changed. It's slow. Dreadfully slow.

At it's heart the service seems excellent and does work - just very slowly - did I mention that? To change a budget you click edit and sometimes it just hangs, a refresh four or five times and you may get to edit the budget. Then edit another one - same thing, wait... wait... refresh... wait... refresh... wait... got bored logged out.

I have now decided to delete off all my accounts and clear the data. I shall leave what areas of the budget I managed to get setup and take a look back at Kublax later in the year.

It does look useful but - and it's a big but - not with it being so unreliable to navigate and use. It's a shame because it truly does look promising...

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