Tuesday, 6 October 2009

T-Mobile G2 Touch (aka HTC Hero)

Seduced by the upgrade offer at the end of my current T-Mobile contract, I succumbed...

I haven't had a new gadget for a while and have been thinking of a new phone. Having read about Acer's foray into the land of Android I have to admit to being tempted but at a list price in excess of £350 (UK) I couldn't justify it. And then what happens? My current contract ends and I get the offer of a G2 Touch that I couldn't refuse.

My previous phone, the Nokia N95, has been a faithful servant. Allowing me to sync the phones calendar through to my Google Calendar via GooSync and use Google's GMail app for email. It all worked pretty well but without much panache. Cue Android.

Although it looks good I have to admit I was thinking it was going to be a poor relation of the iPhone but boy was I wrong. It's the best gadget I've ever had. It just works. My calendar is there without any hassle. My email is there in a similarly easy fashion. I've read reports of lag and various keyboard problems but to me it all seems fine. Emailing from my phone has never been easier.

I've downloaded a few apps from the Apps Market and so far it all works swimmingly. The best app I've downloaded so far is Locale which allows me to turn off WiFi when I'm not at home or in the office to save a bit of battery - which, if the phone has a weakness, is it's short battery life - it is definitely a charge overnight phone, that's for sure. If you've not heard of Locale, go search it on google, it's a great app.

Anyway, if I had to give the T-Mobile G2 Touch a score from 1 to 5 it would get a 4.5 on account of the fact it's a damn great phone but the battery just lets it down so I can't give it a 5.

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